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Student Directions: Google Docs – Thru Drive > Schoolloop


Creating the Google Doc

  1. Login to your Gmail account and go to Drive.
  2. In the top left side, click and hold your mouse button down on the red square, New.
  3. Move down and select Google Docs.
  4. Click in the rectangle near the top, Untitled document. Type in the name of your document.
  5. Click on the blue Share button on the right.
  6. Begin to type in the first name of your teacher.
    You will begin to see a list.
    Move down and select your teacher.

    (You may add other students if your teacher has directed you to do so.)

Click once on the Advanced button in the bottom right corner.

A new Sharing Settings window will appear. Click once to “Remove” the check mark in the box next to “Notify people
via email”. Click OK.

Once you have the email address of your teacher, click the blue Save button.

  1. Type your document. You do not have to “Save” at any time. Google automatically saves your Doc in your Drive.

Connecting Google Drive Through Schoolloop:

Note: You must first have Connected your Google Drive in your Schoolloop Locker – if you have done this once, you do not have to do this again. If you have not, follow these steps…


  1. Login to your Gmail account.
  2. Login to your Schoolloop account. Go to My Locker.
  3. Click once on the Connect to Google Drive button once.
  4. Click once on the Allow button.
  5. You should now see Google Drive in the box under My Lockers.


Turning In a Google Doc From Drive Through Schoolloop:

  1. Go to your Schoolloop account.
    Find the assignment in your calendar.
    Click once on the assignment.
  2. An Assignment Window will open.
  3. On the right side next to Submit Work,
    click once on the button Locker .
  4. This will open your Schoolloop locker.

Click once on the Google Drive button.

You will now see all the documents you have saved in Google Drive.

Click once in the small square to the left of the document you want to turn in to your teacher.

When you click on the small square next
to the assignment you want to turn in,
the Submit button near the top of the
Assignment Window will become active.

Click once on the Submit Button.