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Teachers: - How To Print On The Fly Answer Sheets




1.      Go to and sign in with your District Gmail account.


2.      Near the top of the window, Click on Assessments.
 > Move down and select Print Answer Sheets.
 > A new Print GradeCam Answer Sheets window will appear.


Options: There are two options near the top of the window.

Print Pre-Slugged – You will get one sheet of paper for each student with his/her barcode on it.

Print Blank – You will get one page. You may duplicate it as many times as you like. Students will fill in bubbles with their barcode. (There are no options listed below because the answer sheets are generic).


3.      Leave Site as Arroyo High School
Enrollment/Roster Date:
Unless you are trying to print rosters for previous classes, just leave the default of Control Panel (today’s date) selected.


4.      The Departments, Courses, Teachers, Classes, Students boxes are all optional.

They do help you limit the number of options; however, you will learn which ones work best for you.

For example, if you have a course that is quite limited such as Library Science, you would not need to worry about Departments, Teachers, Classes or Students, and just select Library Science in the Courses option—this will print out answer sheets for only the students who have Library Science at your school.


5.      Include the maximum number of questions (You may put in more questions for your answer sheets than you plan to use on any single test. For example, if you want to print out five sets of answer sheets for five tests that have 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 answers, then put in 30.  It will not make any difference when you use the answer sheet for the test with ten questions or 30 questions.

         Advanced Options: You may click on the blue Advanced Options button. These are cosmetic options such as making the text larger, putting more than one test on a single page, adding a header or footer, etc.

6.      Click once on the blue Generate button.

7.      Download: Click Download to save a copy of the answer sheets.

Print: Click Print to print a set of answer sheets.