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Teachers: - How To Create a “Manual Assessment



1.      Go to and sign in with your District Gmail account.



2.      Near the top of the window, click on Assessments & select Create a New Assessment.

3.      A new Create a New Assessment window will appear. Select Manual Setup.


4.      Input the number of questions for this specific assessment. Click Okay. A New Assessment Information window will appear.

5.      You must put in a title. The remainder of the fields are optional.  Click Save.

6.      Put in the correct responses and how many points are possible for each question.


7.      If you need to add more questions, click once on the +Add Question button at the top of the window for each question you would like to add.

If you would like to eliminate a question, first click on that question, then click once on the blue trash can at the left side.

If you want to assign different point values for specific answers or answer combinations, you may do that.

First, click “on”
the Advanced box for that specific question.


Different Points for Different Answers
Type in the first response, followed by a colon, followed by the points for that answer
Example: A:2

Now, type in a comma and type in the second answer, colon, points possible
Example: A:2, B:1


So, in this example, if a student puts in A, he will earn 2 points, if he answers B, he will earn 1 point.

Different Points For Multiple Answers:
If you want to indicate that a student can get a particular point value through selecting multiple answer choices, write the answer choices, a colon, and the value
Example: ABC:4

You can list as many point value combinations as you like so that you can give partial and full credit.
Example: A:2, B:1, C:1, AB:3, ABC:4



Giving Partial Credit: Do Not Click “On” the Advanced Box
If a question is worth 1 point, and you want a student to get half credit if they answer A and half credit if they answer B, and full credit if they answer A and B, you would write…
Example A:0.5, B:0.5, AB:1 in the "Correct" column and 1 in the "Points" column

If answer A is worth no points, answer B is worth 1 point, but selecting both A and B is worth 2 points, you would write….
Example  B:1, AB:2 in the "Correct" column and 2 in the "Points" column

8.      If you want a copy of your answer sheet, click once on the Print button near the top of the window.

9.      Click once on the Save button in the bottom, left corner.


10.    Go to Administration near the top of the window and select Print Answer Sheets.

11.    Choose the appropriate options and click the blue Generate button.

12.    Either print or save your answer sheets.

13.   After students have completed test, go to Administration near top of page and select Scan.

14.    Click Continue Without Select Teacher or Student and scan completed assessments.

15.    Click on #3 Save & View Results