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Report to the Attendance Office with a note from your parent/guardian, with your full name, date and reason for absence.  You will be given a re-admit card, which must be signed by each teacher from whose class you have been absent.  The Attendance Office is open at 7:00 a.m.  There are no excused tardies for being late to class from the Attendance Office.


VERIFIED:  (E)  An absence due to illness approved by a physician or a court summons with court verification.  Teachers are expected to offer a reasonable opportunity for makeup privileges.

ABSENT:  (X)  An absence which is personal and all other forms of illness not verified by a doctor’s note.  Teachers may use their own discretion in affording opportunity for making up work.

TRUANCY:  (T)  An absence without the knowledge or approval of parent, guardian, or school authorities.

(L)  Late:  (I)  ICE:  (S)  Suspension


*Must be picked up the day student returns from an absence at the Attendance Office at the following time:  7:00 a.m.-7:55 a.m.

*Must be presented to all of the student’s teachers on the day following an absence.

*Are issued if students have a note signed by a parent or guardian or by having the parent call the Attendance Office.

*All students who do not bring a note for an all day or single period absences or do not pick up a re-admit before class will be assigned a one (1) hour detention/Saturday school assignment.


1. 3-5 tardies/truant = Detention or Saturday School

2. 6th tardy/truant combination = 1 day ICE and parent conference

3. 7th 8th tardy/truant combination = Detention or Saturday School

4  9th tardy/truant combination = 2 days ICE and Parent Conference

5. 10 or more tardies/truancies may result in drop of class or possible transfer to alternative education.

6. 9 or more absences or 3 consecutive absences, without a doctor’s note, will result in a Saturday School assignment.

7. An excessive number of absences may result in failure of class(es), or placement at an alternative school site