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How to Prepare for College

1.  Select the Appropriate Courses.


CSU and UC A-G Requirements

(All courses must be passed with a C or better to be eligible for universities.)

The California State University system and the University of California System require students to take the following prescribed set of courses known as the A-G curriculum:


A-G AT AHS.jpg

Click on the link below for a list of classes that will meet the A-G requirements at Arroyo High School.


UC A-G Approved Courses for Arroyo High School


Please click on the link below for information on course validation in foreign language, math, and chemistry.


CSU - UC Course Validations

2. Take Entrance Exams.

Click on the icon below to sign up for a test.

SAT.jpg                                                                                   ACT.jpg

The SAT subject exam is no longer a requirement

for UC Schools; however, some majors and private

schools may still recommend or require that you

take the subject exam.