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MLA Style-Using Google DOCS

Click on this link below to see a complete set of the directions with helpful photos on how to set up MLA style using Google DOCs.

MLA Set-up – Using Google DOCS


Follow these steps in this order to set up your paper to follow MLA guidelines.


1. Login to your Google Drive account.
   Directions: Click and hold your mouse button down on the red New button in the top left corner.
  -Move down and select Google Docs.
  -A blank Google Docs word processing page will appear.


2. Make sure when you give the document a name…
   Directions: Click once on the words, Untitled document in the top left corner.
  -Type in a name for this document (You do not have to press Save).


3. Do not make a title page.

4. Double-space your entire your paper.
   Directions: Select Format at the top of the page.
  -Click and hold and go down to Line Spacing-Move to the right and select Double

5. Use the font: Times New Roman. Use the size: 12 pt
Directions: In the ribbon at the top of the page, click and hold on Arial font.
    -Move down and select Times New Roman.

   -Go back to the ribbon just to the right of where you chose the font and select 12 pt.

6. Set the margins of your document to be 1 inch on all sides.
   Directions: Go to File and select Page Setup.
   -Set all four margins: Top, Bottom, Left and Right to 1”.
   -Click OK.

7. Header: Put your last name in the top right corner and select automatic page numbering.
   Directions: Go to Insert and move down and select Header.
Click on the right alignment icon in the Ribbon.

   -Press the Return key on your keyboard twice
   -Type in your Last Name only.

   -Press the space bar on your keyboard once.

   To put in the automatic page number, go to Insert, select Page Number.
Move over and select the first icon. The picture has a 1 and a 2 in the top right corner.

    Click once below the gray line to leave the header and go to the body of your essay.

8. Now on the left side, input….

First and Last Name

         Teacher’s Name

         Class Name


9. Center the title. Do not underline, italicize, or place your title in “quotation marks”; put the title in Title Case (standard capitalization), not in all      
    capital letters; do not capitalize prepositions or the articles (a, an, the) unless they are the first word in the title.

10. Indent the first line of all paragraphs one half-inch from the left margin.
     Directions: Go to the ruler in the top of the page. Click and hold your mouse on the little blue rectangle (it is just above the upside
     down blue triangle). Drag the blue rectangle to the right ½ inch.


Works Cited Page

1.      Begin your Works Cited page on a separate page at the end of your research paper. It should have the same one-inch margins and last name, page number, and header as the rest of your paper.
Directions: Once you have completed the final line of your regular paper, go to Insert at the top of the page and select Page Break.

2.      Label the page, Works Cited, (do not italicize the words Works Cited or put them in quotation marks) and center the words, “Works Cited”, at the top of the page.

3.      Double space all citations but do not skip spaces between entries.

4.      Use Hanging Indentation:
-Directions: The first line of all entries should start on the flush left side of the page. All other lines of that entry should be indented ½ inch from the left margin.

Directions: Go to the ruler in the top of the page. Click and hold your mouse on the small blue upside down triangle and drag the blue triangle to the right ½ inch.
Click and hold your mouse on the
little blue rectangle and drag it BACK to 0.

MLA Website

MLA stands the Modern Language Association

MLA format provides a consistent form for writing papers and citing references.

MLA style has been widely adopted by schools, academic departments, and instructors for over half a century. The association's guidelines are also used by over 1,100 scholarly and literary journals, newsletters, and magazines and by many university and commercial presses. The MLA's guidelines are followed throughout North America and in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries around the world.

If you would like more info, MLA has its own web site.

Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab

The Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab is a great resource for all phases of a research paper. It is has great help in preparing, conducting and incorporating research into your paper.

It also has great help with MLA formating.

Here is the web site....

How do you place quotes and cite them correctly

Want to see how a paper looks using MLA. Here is a excellent example with explanations for many parts.

MLA Sample Paper From Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab

Great Site To Help Teachers & Students With MLA Style: Valencia College

Click on the link below to go to Valencia Coillege's website on MLA Style.