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Hippo Campus

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Hippo Campus Math Lessons

  • Basic algebra principles
    • Real Numbers
    • Variables, expressions, equations
    • Number operations
    • Number properties
    • More number properties
    • Associative, commutative, distributive properties
    • Basic expressions
    • Using the distributive property
    • Using the associative/commutative properties
    • Addition property of equality
    • Subtraction property of equality
    • Multiplication property of equality
    • Division property of equality
    • Solving problems using properties of equality
    • Multi-step equations
    • Solving problems with multiple steps
    • Equations with variables on both sides
    • Formulas with multiple variables
  • Inequalities & absolute values
    • Sets
    • Intersection
    • Union
    • Using sets to solve problems
    • Graphs of inequalities
    • Addition property of inequalities
    • Multiplication property of inequalities
    • Solving inequalities
    • Graphing conjunctions
    • Graphing disjunctions
    • Translating phrases into mathematical inequalities
    • Solving word problems with inequalities
    • The meaning of absolute value
    • Solving equations containing absolute value
    • More solving equations containing absolute value
    • Comparing absolute value statements
    • Solving inequalites involving absolute value
    • More solving inequalites involving absolute value
    • Transformation of inequalities
    • Transformation of inequalites involving absolute value
  • Graphs of linear equations
    • The Coordinate Plane
    • Solutions to an equation
    • Intercepts of lines
    • Standard Form
    • Slope
    • Slope of some lines
    • Finding slope from a graph
    • Finding slope from an equation in standard form
    • Slope-Intercept Form
    • From Standard Form to Slope-Intercept Form
    • Graphs of nonlinear equations
    • Identifying linear and nonlinear equations
    • Finding an equation for a line given its slope and y-intercept
    • Finding an equation for a line given its slope and any point
    • The point-slope form of an equation
    • Finding an equation for a line given two points
    • Parallel lines
    • Perpendicular lines
    • Linear Inequalities
  • Systems of equations & inequalities
    • Introduction to systems of equations
    • Graphs of systems of equations
    • Finding solutions by graphing
    • Solving problems by graphing
    • The substitution method
    • Finding solutions by substitution
    • Solving problems by substitution
    • Elimination method using addition
    • Elimination method using subtraction
    • Elimination method using multiplication
    • Solving problems by elimination
    • Solving rate problems
    • Solving work problems
    • Solving digit problems
    • Solving coin problems
    • Introduction to systems of inequalities
    • More systems of inequalities
    • Solving problems with systems of inequalities