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Turnitin (Teachers) – Beginning Level


  1. Administrator will create an account for you.  You will receive an email message (through your District Email) with your temporary password.

    Login and create new password-WRITE IT DOWN!


How To Add A Class


  1. This is your home page
  2. Teacher must “ADD” each class.
    Click once on green,
     “+Add Class” button.

  3. Class Type: Select “Standard” class

    Put in a “Class Name”

    Put in an “Enrollment password”.
    Keep it simple.
    Write it down.  Students will need to know this to register for your class.

    Put in a “Subject area”.

    Select age of the majority of students in that class.

    Start date will be the day you create the class.

    Put in the end of the semester YEAR date.

    Click once on the blue Submit button.
  4. All of your students must “enroll” in your class. (See student directions on how to enroll in on Schoolloop under Student Resources).
  5. You must “Create” an assignment before students may turn it in to



How To Create An Assignment

  1. Click once on the class for
    which you would like to
    create an assignment.

  2. Click once on the green
     “+Add Assignment” button.

    Put in the Assignment Title

    Put in the Point Value

    Leave “Allow only file types that Turnitin can check for originality” checked.

    Put in a Start Date.
    Students will not be able to turn in an assignment until this date.

    Put in a Due Date.
    Students must submit their work by the Due Date. Resubmissions are no longer allowed after the due date of the assignment has passed.


Put in a Post Date.
The date and time set for the assignment post date is when comments become available for students to view.


Optional Settings

You have a variety of options you may choose for an assignment—you also have the opportunity to make these options permanent for all future assignments.

Enter Special Instructions: You may type in any additional directions or instructions.

Allow Submissions after Due Date: The default is “no”. If you change it to “yes”, students will be able to submit papers after due date if they haven’t already submitted a paper for this assignment. The submission will appear in your report in red to indicate it was turned in after the due date.


Generate Originality Reports for Student submissions: Leave “yes” selected if you want to see the Originality reports.


Generate Originality Reports for Student Submissions: Choose one of the three following…

Immediately First Report Is Final:  Originality Report is immediately generated when a student makes a submission.  Student cannot resubmit an assignment once one has been submitted.

Immediately (can overwrite reports until due date): Student can continuously resubmit papers until the Due Date. After one submission, it may take up to 24 hours to generate an Originality Report on subsequent submissions.

On due date:  Originality Reports are only generated on the Due Date. This ensures that all papers submitted are compared to each other when the Originality Reports are generated.


Exclude bibliographic materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment? Excludes text that appears in the bibliography, works cited, or references section from being checked for matches when Originality Report is generated.


Exclude quoted materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment? Excludes text in the quotes from being checked for matches when Originality Report is generated.


Exclude small matches?: Excludes matches that are not of sufficient length. Teacher can determine what that number of words or percentage will be. If you click the “yes” button, a new window will appear, and you may input either a specific word count or a percentage of the overall work.


Allow students to see Originality Reports?: “Yes” means students can see the Originality Report when they submit their papers.

Submit papers to: “Standard Paper Repository” means the papers submitted are checked against other students’ submissions within your current AND previous classes.


Search options: Keep all three options checked to ensure students’ works are checked against all options.




Attach a rubric/form to this assignment: You can create your own rubric, download an existing rubric, choose a Common Core Rubric, or select a rubric from the Turnitin Teaching Tools.

To create your own rubric or download an existing rubric, click once on the Launch Rubric/Form Manager link. This will launch a new form. You may create and name your own rubric.

To select a Common Core Rubric, click and hold your mouse on the words, No rubric/form, and select the appropriate rubric.


To select a rubric from Turnitin, click on the blue words, Find a rubric that’s right for your assignment in Turnitin Teaching Tools.


ETS® e-rater® Settings (Beta)

Enable grammar checking using e-rate technology: “Yes” means the students’ papers will automatically be checked for simple grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

In the yellow box, you can select the items you would like e-rater to evaluate.


Would you like to save these options as your defaults for future assignments?  Select this box if you would like all of your assignments to follow these options.